"[Ian McKellen's] a good actor, but, hell, I'm Willie Nelson!" That's right, you are.

The legendary country star and marijuana enthusiast turns 80 years old on Tuesday, but instead of us honoring him with a gift, he's given the world the best thing ever -- a spoof audition reel for 'The Hobbit 2.' What would the Peter Jackson-directed films look like with Nelson in the role of Gandalf? Here's a taste.

We love Ian McKellen, who's currently in the midst of production on Bryan Singer's 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' as Gandalf the Grey (and Gandalf the White), but Nelson's "audition reel" he did for Team Coco is pretty hysterical.

Instead of iconic moments of McKellen battling the Balrog and slamming his staff into the stone bridge with a grand "You shall not pass!," Nelson would presumably give us a "You shall not pass...an unlit joint, man" while getting paranoid about that giant flaming eye.

Watch his spoof audition reel from 'Conan' below:

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