his move wouldn't be surprising in the least for this local business. They have been slowly adding new locations over the past several years. 

Many of us have a favorite grocery store, and for many locals here in the Gallatin Valley, that grocery store is Town & Country Foods. Town & Country Foods is a Gallatin Valley icon for grocery stores. They are locally owned and have several locations spread throughout Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston. Plus, in recent years they have added locations in Dillon, Lewistown, and Billings. 

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Town & Country Food is my favorite grocery store, and it's not just because I live across the street from one. Their deli is great for hot food or deli meat, their fresh produce is top-notch, and if I ever have a question, their staff is super helpful. Plus, their beer prices are quite nice as well. 

My folks were visiting Bozeman and staying with me, and my mom was raving about how lovely Town & Country Foods was and loved the selection in every aisle. She commented she would love to have a grocery store like Town & Country Food in Polson, and that got me thinking, do Town & Country Foods have plans to expand to Western Montana?

Town and Country Foods via Facebook
Town and Country Foods via Facebook

Town & Country Food currently has eight locations, including three in Bozeman. Plus, this doesn't include the new Town & Country Food they are building on Huffine Lane. Town & Country Foods is a Southwest Montana icon and provides a great work environment but expanding to Western Montana is a bit tricky. 

If they opened a location in Kalispell, Whitefish, or even Missoula, they would have a lot of direct competition not for only business but employees. If Town & Country Foods did ever expand towards the west side of Montana, I have to believe that it would be a gradual expansion. 

Either way, I am happy that people are starting to recognize how incredible Town & Country Food is as a grocery store, and they deserve all the credit in the world. 

For details on specials, check out Town & Country Foods

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