Wildfires are crazy right now in Montana and we are losing some amazing places. Glacier National Park is home to some of the most amazing/old buildings in Montana and sadly the Sperry Chalet has been destroyed by the Sprague Wildfire.

The Sperry Chalet has been in Glacier National Park for over 100 years and was a constant tourist attraction. They took precautions with watering down the outside, adding fireproof material and fighting the fire to try and save the structure.


Well, sadly, it just wasn't meant to be. Glacier National Park's Instagram has some amazing photos showing what they tried to do to prepare and what ended up happening. You can watch this Facebook video from Glacier National Park on how many helicopters were trying to put out the fire with water. It's pretty nuts.

I hope they are able to rebuild the Sperry Chalet when the wildfire season is done because it's an amazing part of Glacier National Park and really cool part of Montana history, If you want to learn more about the Sperry Chalet check out Glacier National Park's Instagram.