You would think having a prime downtown location anything could survive and thrive in Bozeman, right? 

I was walking around Downtown Bozeman today, and I noticed something that caught my eye. Right next to Bozeman Spirits Distillery, there is a huge piece of wood covering the window of the old Union Hall Brewery location. This made me start to wonder what could be possibly going into that spot shortly. 

The building that houses Bozeman Spirits Distillery and the old Union Hall Brewery is interesting. Whereas Bozeman Spirits have thrived and been a huge hit with many folks from locals to tourists, the other side has had a rough time having continued success. 

When the building first opened, White Dog Brewery was in that location, and honestly, a lot of folks weren't huge fans. Their beer compared to the others in Bozeman was subpar in my opinion and just wasn't a hit. Then Union Hall Brewery took over that spot, and they had a few nice beers I enjoyed. When I saw that Union Hall Brewery closed its doors not too long ago and I was pretty bummed out. 

Listen, Bozeman has some incredible breweries from MAP to Mountains Walking to Bridger to Outlaw to others. I just never understood how if there someone opened a brewery downtown how they couldn't thrive and be a huge hit. 

Either way, we will keep our eye out on what will be going into that location because whatever it may be, it will be exciting for Downtown Bozeman. 

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