Just in case you didn't know, tomorrow night's Powerball Jackpot is over a billion dollars right now. Of course, this means that millions of folks will rush out to buy tickets, in hopes of being the world's newest billionaire (well, technically multi-millionaire, after the government takes their share).

I think it's safe to say that we've all sat around thinking about what we would buy if we were to win that money. I know I have; in fact, I already have blueprints drawn up just in case.

Many people would pay off bills, give some money to their kids and grandkids, then put the rest in savings. I realize that is the responsible and practical thing to do, but let's think outside the box for a moment, shall we?

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So, here is my question for you: If you were to win the billion-dollar jackpot, what is the one non-practical thing you would buy for yourself?


Check out some of the answers that fellow Montanans had:

"I would buy an entire Theme Park" -Katelyn

"A Huge vacation for my whole family to Alaska, Ireland, New Zealand, and Thailand" -Michelle

"An island" -Jenny

"Lifetime of tacos" -Meg

"A trip around the world sparing no expense!" -Jessica

"A unicorn sweater for every day of the year!" -Danell

"A large plot of land for a dog rescue" -Nick

"A cancer center" -Joan

"A WNBA team!" -Kate

"I would buy a Ranch here that has over 10,000 acres and a Helicopter to get back and forth to the airport where I would also have a private jet." -Gus

"My non-practical thing would be a house in the mountains for all my family my own family compound on 20 acres" -Red

"A home in Hawaii" -Victoria

"A big lot where I could develop a cemetery!" -Shayla

So what about you? What is the non-practical thing you would buy? Would it be something to help others, or something you've always wanted but couldn't justify spending the money on?

Sean Gladwell

Let's be honest, with a billion dollars, you could do both and still have tons of money left over.

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