In case you didn't hear the news, the Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant in Bozeman closed shop this past week, and it was a big surprise to the community.

This now opens up a range of possible restaurants or businesses to come to Bozeman and occupy that location. These are just a few ideas.

TGI Fridays/Chili's

It is near the 19th freeway off-ramp and there aren't a lot of sit down options in that immediate area. One of these two chains could serve a large crowd.


There is one in Kalispell and Bozeman seems like another perfect fit for this place. The old Johnny Carino's location is perfect for anyone who wants a quick bite to eat off the freeway.

These are just a couple of possibilities. Someone could tear down the place and rebuild from scratch but that would be costly and would take a lot of time.

What would you like to see in the old Johnny Carino's location? Let us know.

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