Who doesn't enjoy good seafood?

I am a huge sucker for great seafood. Luckily, here in Bozeman we have a few great places that serve seafood. According to Onlyinyourstate.com, there are two restaurants here in Bozeman that serve some of the best seafood in the state.

Credit:Moncherie/Getty Images

Apparently the two best restaurants to have seafood in Bozeman are The Montana Fish Company and the Gallatin River Grill at the Gallatin River Lodge. I definitely agree with them with The Montana Fish Company. Ever since they remodeled they have been one of hottest places to grab dinner downtown. Their food is fantastic and if you can get a table it's worth every penny. I don't know much about Gallatin River Lodge but if they are on this list they must have pretty great seafood.

The only problem is, though, there are quite a few other restaurants in the Gallatin Valley I think could be on this list. Feast is definitely one, The Mint Cafe and Bar(their clam chowder is the best I have ever had), and even Cafe Zydeco. I know some people might also want me to include Dave's Sushi or Seven Sushi, but I think sushi is a completely different category. What do you think?

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