Seriously, does anyone know what's going on over there?

When I first moved to Bozeman there weren't many music venues but then over by the Bozeman Pond a new venue opened up called Faultline North. I was intrigued because not only was it not in downtown Bozeman but it was close to a brand new brewery opening up(Map Brewing) and they were bringing in all different kinds of acts.

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Then all of a sudden the concerts starting dwindling and there were fewer and fewer shows at Faultline North. There were also less variety in shows as well. There was a good mix from rap to metal to rock, then everything that was being played there was nothing but heavy metal shows. Then nothing. Seriously, I don't think they have had a concert there since August 2016 and the last thing I heard about Faultline North is that is was for sale.

So what is the deal? From what I heard from multiple people who have been to the venue to see a show there said it was a pretty sweet venue. Why all of a sudden did it become unpopular? Why the sudden direction to only book heavy metal shows? Will someone buy the venue and try to revitalize it? These are all questions I have. What do you think happened to Faultline North? Let me know.

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