I think there is room for a ton of potential of amazing businesses to come to Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. Bozeman is growing bigger and bigger everyday. With that comes more and more potential opportunities of franchises come to Bozeman. That means food, retail, entertainment and more could be coming to the Gallatin Valley. These are my top five choices of what I would like to see come to Bozeman. Also, I gave of the likelihood of them coming to Bozeman.

1.AMC Theaters

We desperately need a new movie theater. Either in Bozeman or in Belgrade (probably off the airport road would be best). When you introduce competition, especially with movie theaters, they will always have cheaper admission and specials to try and drive in business. The other upside is that the theater won't be slammed on the weekends constantly. I chose to go with AMC Theaters cause they are a national chain and have always been highly rated with customers.
Likelihood:Pretty good.

2. Chick-Fil-A

This is probably my most missed place to grab something quick to eat in Boise. The chicken is fantastic and I think would be a huge hit with this community. I just would wonder where they would set up shop. My guess is they would have to set up in Bozeman but where is the real question. That could be an issue. There are positive signs though because they just opened on in Kalispell and has been doing amazing.
Likelihood:Pretty high.

3. Dave and Busters

This would be a risk for Dave and Busters. Due to Bozeman being known to be a little expensive this could complicate them coming here. Also, where would they be in Bozeman. My guess is by the mall. It's a perfect distance to shops and close enough to the college and has ample parking. The other risk is that this would be the smallest market Dave and Buster's would ever open in. I would love to see them here. It's an adult Chuck E Cheese and the food is top notch.
Likelihood:Slim to none.

4. Dutch Bros Coffee
This is a West Cost coffee operation that I know very well. They have quite a few locations and are always highly regarded. They are very involved in the community and their grand openings are always a blast. They set up these drive thru/walk up locations with intentions to sell great coffee fast. I could see them setting up near the campus, they would be an extremely huge hit with college students. The only problem, only employees of Dutch Bros can open a franchise.
Likelihood:Slim but possible.

5.Lucky Strike Lanes

We need another bowling alley due to the huge population. Bozeman Bowl is usually slam-packed with people and if they opened a new bowling alley near the mall or even close to the interstate I think it would do wonders. Lucky Strike Lanes is a pretty sweet bowling alley that also has billiards, arcade, a restaurant and much more. They are located across the United States and are pretty successful.

Likelihood:It's quite possible.