Let's face it, dating can be quite spendy these days. For most couples a date out on the town consists of a meal, drinks and a fun activity. It all adds up very quickly.

Unless you are taking your sweetie to the local drive thru for a value meal before heading out to shoot some squirrels, the bill at the end of the night can leave you weak in the knees.


The folks at 24/7 Wall Street feel your pain, people of Montana, and that's why they have come out with some statistics that may make you feel a little bit better about the price you are currently paying for date night.

Compared to other states around the country, Montana ranks only 44th on the list of the most expensive places to go on a date with an average cost of just $56.

So, all of you single people in big sky country, live it up, go out on a date. Go, now, shoo! Compared to some other daters around this great country, you're on easy street.

For a state-by-state look at 24/7 Wall Street's research, courtesy of BuzzFeed, click here.


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