With so many tourists and folks just walking into crosswalks without looking, here is a nice refresher on crosswalk laws and etiquette.

Crosswalks are all over Bozeman, but then again, some folks like to make up their own crosswalks, and the Montana Highway Patrol is here to help. They made a handy post on their Facebook page explaining a few rules when dealing with crosswalks and pedestrians.

Credit: Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook

So as you can see, the law states as long as pedestrians are on the opposite side of traffic and out of harm's way, you can proceed to turn left or right in an intersection. The Montana Highway Patrol is being extremely helpful with this information.

Just remember, if you are approaching a crosswalk on the side streets that don't have lights, you are supposed to stop at those crosswalks to allow pedestrians to cross. It's a nice thing to do.

Then again, if you are a pedestrian, please remember to look both ways before crossing and look for oncoming traffic. Also, if you are at a crosswalk with lights, make sure you are walking in the crosswalk when the light is green for you. Just don't walk out into traffic thinking people will stop for you. Always keep your eyes open downtown.

Whether you are walking around town or driving in your car, make sure you are always paying attention to your surroundings and be safe.

For more details, check out Montana Highway Patrol.

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