We have some prestigious colleges and universities in Montana, but why would people think this school is in Montana?

Montana has several incredible colleges and universities. Montana State, the University of Montana, Carroll College, and Montana Tech are highly regarded. Each of these colleges offers specialized degrees in different fields.

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Young adults from all over the world travel to Montana to study and earn degrees here, but some folks might be confused about what colleges or universities are in Montana.

Photo by Olu Famule via Unsplash
Photo by Olu Famule via Unsplash

The most confusing college name in Montana is the University of Providence in Great Falls, formerly the University of Great Falls, which confuses people. When I first heard that school name, I immediately thought of Rhode Island.

The College World Series is happening in Omaha, Nebraska, and even though Montana doesn't have a school with a baseball team that would qualify for this tournament, some folks think one school is from Montana.

That school is Wake Forest University. Check out this TikTok video below.

@bleacherreport Baseball fans try and guess where Wake Forest is 😅 #baseball #sports #wakeforest #collegeworldseries ♬ original sound - bleacherreport

Credit: Bleacher Report via TikTok

Just to let you know, Wake Forest University is in North Carolina, a far cry from Montana. Wake Forest plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference with schools like Clemson University, Virginia, Boston College, and others.

Why would people think Wake Forest is in Montana? Maybe the name Forest in the title would make sense. You would think fans at one of the nation's biggest championship tournaments would know the schools are from.

Wake Forest University via Facebook
Wake Forest University via Facebook

Either way, I want to think it's a compliment that people believe one of the most prestigious universities on the East Coast is in Montana.

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