Who doesn't enjoy a delicious ice cream cone during the summertime? Bozeman has a couple of great places to grab a cone so I thought I would put together my "Top 3 Spots to Grab Ice Cream in Bozeman"

Credit:Frank Rothe/Getty Images
  • 1

    Sweet Peaks

    They just opened, but I have had their ice cream for years. They have some out-there flavors that you should try and might end up becoming your favorite flavor.

  • 2

    Chocolate Moose

    My digital editor looked at me earlier today as if I dishonored my family name because ever since I moved here I had never been in the Chocolate Moose in downtown Bozeman. Now I know how awesome it really is. They have Wilcoxson's Ice Cream and they have some great flavors to go with their waffle cones.

  • 3

    Genuine Ice Cream

    They don't really have a shop, but you can get them at several different places such as Victory Taco, The Roost or check out their little truck during the Bogert Farmers Market.

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