Whitney Houston

Larry Busaca, Getty Images

Any artist that has come since Whitney Houston has been influenced by her — whether it be her range, her power or simply her warmth. The industry was rocked to its core at the news of her passing, but her funeral brings a different tone: one of reflection, fond remembrance, spirituality and hope. Here are the most thoughtful and thought-provoking celebrity sentiments on Houston's funeral. May she rest in peace and live on through her music.


as u watch whitney houston funeral notice the stories she had 2 deal wit n the music industry. all u inspiring, upcomin artist pay attention


We will always miss you #Whitney you are the greatest!


My GOD the winans. I remember “tomorow” growing up. Perfect send off. #thans


Just as in most Baptist homegoings, I came in feeling very sad, but I'm walking out feeling extremely uplifted #blessed #WhitneyCNN


What a beautiful service for Whitney. .Rev Marvin Winans's sermon blessed my life today. Thank you Jesus!


Bittersweet yet refreshing to see usually distant travelers gathered around public tv's at JFK to catch a glimpse of Whitney's funeral.


Everyone giving their best at the Whitney funeral, she deserves that and more. its a beautiful celebration of the life of a legend


Leaving the Whitney Houston (RIP) service. So good to see our entire entertainment community came out to Celebrate her Life.


Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Bebe Winans -what powerful voices to honor Whitney AND comfort & encourage US. #WhitneyCNN


watching whitney's funeral. the winans got me reminiscing. me and my family used to sing “tomorrow” when i was a kid