Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok was nothing short of an absolute delight, which is why we’re overjoyed to bring news that at least two of the movie’s deleted scenes feature Goldblum’s hilariously flamboyant power-hungry alien despot.

The first, above, is an extended version of the Grandmaster and Thor’s very first meeting, after Thor is captured and brought to his palace. In this version, the Grandmaster’s expository monologue is broken up repeatedly by his guards attempting to shoot down a flock of bats causing chaos in the palace.

The second scene features the Grandmaster having some casual banter with his right hand woman Topaz, played by Rachel House. What’s the universal hand signal for “Can we please have the check?”

Both of these scenes feature tons of dialogue that could only be improv inspired by Taika Waititi’s very comedy-focused directing. Ragnarok is perhaps the funniest Marvel movie in the MCU, mostly because Waititi has such a knack for bringing out the humor and irreverence from any script. And it helps, especially in these scenes, that the actors he cast in his movie are comedy experts.

Thor: Ragnarok arrives on Digital HD next week.

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