Want to get away from people and connect with nature? If this sounds like you, we have the perfect place in mind.

Montana has many rentals that have gorgeous views, but what if you want to escape? Well, you are in luck, because Montana has several rentals that take you away from cities, people, and screens to enjoy what many Montanans love daily.

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People use services such as Airbnb and VRBO to find unique places to stay and enjoy themselves or have a reclusive getaway with someone they care about. We looked at both sites for unique stays in Montana and found a place perfect for those who want to enjoy nature with a 360-degree view.

The Bitterroot Retreat Dome is located in Stevensville, one of the oldest towns in Montana. The dome has see-through walls, allows pets, and a cozy fire pit outside. These domes are eco-friendly and fun to experience.

Devon Allan via Airbnb
Devon Allan via Airbnb

One of the best parts about this dome Airbnb is right next to the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. This means you are more than likely to see all sorts of wildlife during your stay. Imagine waking up in your little dome and seeing a herd of elk or deer casually walking by your spot. That sounds beautiful.

Devon Allan via Airbnb
Devon Allan via Airbnb

These biodomes have become popular over the past several years as affordable and eco-friendly places for people to stay. Plus, the views all day and night make it worth every penny. Plus, you are in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley and can experience incredible hikes, restaurants, and people.

If you don't want to travel that far, there are several incredible getaways here in Southwest Montana. If you want to explore Montana when the weather gets warmer, give the Bitterroot Retreat Dome a shot.

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