One thing that has blown me away ever since I moved to Bozeman is the amount of awesome food trucks downtown on the weekends.

I couldn't believe that there were even any here, but every single one is different with the food they offer, whether you want macaroni and cheese, burgers, tacos or whatever your heart desires. Recently, though, there has been one food truck that's new that is my new favorite to go to.

Poutine & Stuff is a new food truck that offers not only amazingly delicious poutine but also has finger-licking good wings that you will want more and more of. Honestly, this might be the best drunk food you can get.

Poutine is perfect. Fries with gravy, cheese curds and you can even add free toppings like bacon, diced onions and a few others. It's so messy you will have to eat and share with forks, and everyone will want to become your new best friend.

If you aren't a big poutine fan then their wings are definitely a solid choice. Highly recommend the salt & pepper or the Snakebite BBQ. If you haven't tried out their truck check them out as soon as possible. Check out their Facebook page to learn where they will be.