We're all aware that Bozeman is a popular place, with lots of people moving here every day.  Many come here for school, others for a job, and some just because they love the outdoors and the whole "Bozeman" vibe. Of course, when it comes to relocating to a new area, there are always some growing pains and a few hiccups.

So, what should folks know if they're getting ready to move to Bozeman?

When my wife and I decided to move to Bozeman, we were extremely excited. We visited the town during a job interview and just fell in love with the place. I had lived in Montana before, so I thought "no problem, I'm totally aware of how things are in Montana". That might have been a mistake on my part.

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Here's the thing that many folks will tell you: Bozeman isn't necessarily Montana.

Long-time Bozeman residents will tell you that the town is different now. Long gone is the old cowboy town that people knew and loved. It's been replaced by fancy stores, fine dining, and folks with lots of money. So, if you're thinking about moving to Bozeman, here are my Top 5 things you need to know.

Make Sure You Have A Place To Live  Before You Move Here

My wife and I were very lucky to find our place. We have two dogs, so we needed a place that accepted pets.  The only issue was that we had to wait several weeks for the apartment to be available, which resulted in my living in my boss's basement for 5 weeks.


So tip number one, don't even think about moving here if you don't have a place to live.

Don't Tell People Where You're From Unless They Ask

Bozemanites love Bozeman. So, if you're moving here from someplace else, most Bozemanites aren't necessarily interested in hearing about it. One of the best bits of advice that I can give you is this: if you decide to move here, embrace the town in every way possible, buy yourself some Bobcat gear, and just dive right in. There are certainly folks here that don't really like non-locals, so the less attention you draw to yourself and where you're from, the better.  Oh and whatever if you do, if you're from California, definitely keep that to yourself.

Tip number two, no one cares where you came from.

Bozemanites Are Extremely Giving

You will be hard-pressed to find more giving folks than the people here in Bozeman. I am continually blown away by their kindness when it comes to whatever cause. Oh, and there are a whole lot of causes here in town. My suggestion would be to find something that you're passionate about and become part of it. Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers to help out, plus it's a great way to get to know the people of the town.

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Tip number three, get involved and help others out.

If You Don't Have Patience, Get Some Before You Move Here

They say that patience is a virtue, and I would highly suggest if that isn't one of your virtues, it becomes one. Things can get a little crazy in Bozeman, especially in the summer-time.  Congested traffic and long wait lines in restaurants are part of the routine here from June through the first part of September. So, if you find yourself dining out and getting a little frustrated with the wait, remember, we are overpopulated and understaffed and folks are doing the best they can.

Tip number four, chill out.

If You Have A Dog, Please Clean Up After It

You will be hard-pressed to find a more dog-friendly town than Bozeman. We certainly love our pooches here.  We have amazing dog parks and trails, and even have restaurants that are dog-friendly. So, if you have a dog(s), you will fit right in here.  Having said that, pick up your dog's poop. I will never understand the folks that think it's ok to just let their dog poop in public places and just leave it there. It's disgusting.

Walking the dog

Tip number five, no one likes stepping in dog poo, so pick it up.

So there it is.  Of course, different people will tell you different things. However, I've found that the best way to enjoy Bozeman is to actually be part of it.  Get out there, meet people, and become a part of the community. Give back, volunteer, and reach out to help those that need help. You do that, and you will quickly see just how special this town is.

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