This looks like something I have never seen or heard about happening in Montana ever...and I need to see it.

Saturday, April 1 up at Big Sky Resort a very interesting, one-of-a-kind event will be happening. The Samuel Adams 3D Air and Apres Show will be hitting Big Sky Resort to showcase an event that is something you won't see every day.

From what it looks like, there will be some of the top skiers and snowboarders in the country doing tricks. Not only that, but the jumps they will be going off of will have 3D mapping on them to be interactive. From fire to falling away ground to other crazy visuals, this looks intense and fun. From what I have been reading, it looks like it's a free event. Check out the website for the video of what to expect. It's definitely one-of-a-kind.

Credit:Bloomberg/Getty Images

I am definitely going to go see this because Montana doesn't get crazy, cool events like this that not only include the top skiers/snowboarders in the country but also technology that helps make the show even better. I can't wait!

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