Later this month, September 24th to be exact, Hush Hush will be assembling a stellar lineup of beat mixers like never before in Bozeman. Hush Hush 2011 will be held at Kountz Arena, where the Rail Jam was last year but indoors, and all is invited to this 16 and up show. One of the co-headliners is EOTO, a live performing, non looping duo of electronic mastermind. Don't believe us? Click through for a free download.

Right Click to Download Mp3 From Eoto

Hush Hush: Saturday the September 24th, at the Kountz Indoor Arena, tickets start at $20, purchase at, Tarantino’s Pizzeria, or Cactus Records. Bands include Beats Antique, DJ Jason Root, Sub Swara, and EOTO