Scroll through your social media pages and it won't take long until you see a friend has posted a selfie.  It's just the way of our world these days.  Actually, "selfie" has been added to the Oxford Online Dictionary - that's how much they've become a part of our everyday life.

A new study took a peek at which states are the most selfie-obsessed.  It used Twitter data to track #selfie users in each state.  Where do you think Montana landed on the list?  You'll find the answer below.

1 Nevada
2 Washington DC
3 Hawaii
4 New York
5 California
6 Florida
7 Oregon
8 Georgia
9 Massachusetts
10 Rhode Island


1 Mississippi
2 Iowa
3 North Dakota
4 West Virginia
5 Oklahoma
6 South Dakota
7 Montana
8 Wyoming
9 Wisconsin
10 Kansas

Hooray!  We ended up near the bottom of the list!  But next time you turn the camera around for a quick picture keep this in mind.  Left cheek selfies get more likes than right cheek selfies.  Who knew?

Check out the full article and complete rankings HERE!