There's a twisted part of me that loves to read the few terrible reviews of Bozeman. The vitriol spewed by some visitors is perhaps a humble gut-check...a slice of humility that we just might, not actually be the bomb.

We took another trip around the internet to site It's an interesting site to explore cities and towns across the country. You'll get the basics about whatever town you're looking at along with rankings, school info, employment details AND....the reviews!

We took a look at the best (of the worst) recent reviews of Bozeman. The following are excepts from recent one star reviews, with a couple stinging two star reviews for good measure.

To be clear, Bozeman is overwhelmingly well rated by and the folks who leave reviews as well. We just like to take a look at the unhappy's usually good for a chuckle. Curious references to lunch in the reviews. Just a little weird.

(FYI - any grammatical errors or spelling errors below are of the original poster of the review.)

  • I have traveled across the US from the east coast. Most of the people that have I met, especially in the midwest. Bozeman Mt has the most hate, rude people I have ever come across!
  • This town makes no sense. The people you see downtown are aliens that don't have to work but have bikes that are more expensive than my car and they're all on their way to have sushi for lunch. Zero sense.
  • They are snobbish and rude. Forget about small talk. Bozeman is one of the most, if not the most messed up city I have ever lived in. Awful, awful place.
  • I lived in Bozeman for 22 years. It was a nice community. It now is overrun with vacationers with multitudes of money. This drives prices up and it is unaffordable for any original inhabitants. If you want to be a slave to rent — or a huge mortgage so that you may have tofu for lunch- perfect. It is pretty sad.
  • This town is very very "granola", yet the locals think that this is diverse. This town is the opposite of diverse, everywhere you look it's white people, raised almost the same, with almost the same current lives.
  • I don't like Bozeman because there is always the threat of Yellowstone burying us.
  • It will be snowy for nine months. There is ice, slush, freezing temperatures and blasting wind. It is so very cold.

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