With the convenience and anonymity that comes with texting, you would think it’s easy to pull off a prank. But for a teenager in Arkansas, a texting prank backfired when she joked about hiding a dead body, and sent the text prank to a random local number. That random number turned out to belong to a police detective, who obviously didn’t consider the message a joke.

The 15-year-old girl got the idea for the prank from the website Pinterest. After sending the text that read: “I hid the body … Now what?,” the detective who received the message traced her mobile number and found the girl’s address. When the police showed up at her doorstep, they realized it was just a prank text and let the girl go with just a warning. The teenager was obviously startled by what a simple text prank led to, and probably won’t be LOL-ing random people anytime soon.

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