If you were one of the Swifties who got ensnared by the countdown clock on ReputationWorldTour.com this morning, the joke's on you!

Early Thursday morning (August 24), a countdown promising the release of Taylor Swift's new single, rumored to be titled "Timeless," appeared on a web site purporting to be Swift's yet-to-be launched homepage for an upcoming world tour. (Whether the site is actually Swift's, was hacked or built as a joke by someone else entirely is to be seen.)

The clock promised that the song would drop at 11 a.m. EST but, as fans learned all too soon, it was just a mean joke: Where a shiny new Swift single should have been, they found Rick Astley's unrelenting "Never Gonna Give You Up" in its place. (I knew you were trouble, countdown!)

But don't fret, Swifties! The pop star's new single really drops tonight. And while you're waiting, check out some of the hilarious reactions to the prank, below:

Taylor Swift's Best Live Vocals:

Look Back at Taylor Swift's Squad:

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