If any locations of this popular store closed in Montana, it would shock many customers.

Montana has seen several national franchises close locations all over the state. Franchises like Burger King, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more have shut down stores in several Montana cities and towns.

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These stores have closed for several reasons, from bankruptcy to declining sales, but there might be one more store on the list that might see closures in Montana soon, and it would be shocking.

Eat This, Not That reports that the popular big box store Target announced they will be shutting several locations throughout the United States in the coming months. Why is Target closing these stores? Target has seen a surge in theft and organized crime in their stores. This has made several stores unsafe for employees and customers.

Target Shares Drop As Retailer Reports Weak Quarterly Sales
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Target has tried several methods to deter theft but hasn't seen any positive results. Target tried hiring more security on their staff and through third-party services but to no avail.

Do any of the closures include Montana? The list doesn't include any Montana Target spots, so we are safe right now. Target's announcement did say in their press release that they will add security to stores to try and help deter theft.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We have to give Target credit for making tough decisions to maintain the safety of their employees and customers. No one wants to deal with any terrifying scenario while shopping for goods.

Hopefully, Target can get this problem fixed soon.

For more details, check out Eat This, Not That.

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