If You Had $7,000, Would You Offer It To A Stranger?
A man posted his story on Reddit saying his teeth were in such bad shape that it's painful. He even went as far as saying he can barely live with the pain. This father of two doesn't have dental insurance and is facing at least $7,000 worth of work. Then a perfect stranger stepped up with an offer...
Our Favorite Non Sequiturs from Reddit’s /r/Trees
/r/Trees is a friendly subreddit (or forum) on Reddit for pot smokers to hang around and talk about marijuana-related stuff together. Sometimes they get a little... sidetracked though. They have a scale that goes from (totally sober) to (this guy). These are some of our favorite posts which we've set to stock photos. These posts are all on a level. Because, let's be real -- if you're a , there'
Reddit Wants to Help You Be a Better Person
Reddit is a website that varies from funny baby videos to heavy political debate. As long as the content is worthy enough to be up voted it will make it to the front page. Today's front page had a fun post asking, "What is your best "don't knock it till you try it?" The answers ranged from gross sounding recipes to sleeping naked, but one suggestion I believe will truly make anyone