Some Older Oscar Voters Haven’t Even Seen ‘Get Out’
Get Out was one of the best — and most important — films of 2017, and although it was near-universally adored, most assumed it would never land an Oscar nod. The Academy isn’t exactly known for being “woke,” and they certainly don’t take horror very seriousl…
‘Wonder Woman’ Gears Up for Oscar Campaign
It takes a lot for Academy voters to recognize or even acknowledge a superhero film, but perhaps the highest-grossing film ever directed by a woman could do the trick. With a worldwide box office gross of $781 million (to date) and a 92 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman is a cert…
Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Back to Host the 2018 Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel did a fine job hosting the Oscars this year. He played it relatively safe in his opening monologue and throughout the evening, despite a few political jabs. ABC loved Kimmel’s hosting so much that they’ve even decided to bring him back for a second ye
Warren Beatty Gives Official Response to Oscars Kerfuffle
We‘re now a couple days out from the incident itself, and everyone’s still trying to figure out just what in the Sam Hill happened at the Oscars on Sunday night. When Faye Dunaway wrongly named La La Land instead of Moonlight as the recipient of the Best Picture Academy Award, she crea…

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