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Ariana Grande - One Last Time [VIDEO]
Can we please look like that in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt? It's the end of the world...or is it? Plus, she fights a big, bearded dude and wins? Twice? Wow. Check out Ariana's official video (she's adorable).
Retro Bruno Mars in 'Uptown Funk' [VIDEO]
From hangin' with the boys on the street, cat calls and perms, Bruno Mars makes this Mark Ronson produced hit "Uptown Funk" complete perfection. Do you LOVE this song as much as we do? Watch the retro video. The 1970's seem to fit Bruno Mars. So do the 1950's, 1960&a…
Chris Brown – This Christmas [MUSIC VIDEO]
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One of my favorite Christmas movies is This Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas movies but this movie in particular hits home with me because of all the family drama:) I come from a big family so you know the holidays are always …
Chiddy Bang’s Video Premiere Of “Guinness Flow”
If you haven't heard of Chiddy Bang yet, you need to get on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook or 96.7 Kiss FM and find out quick. Chiddy Bang was here in Bozeman last March for the Chamberlin Productions' Rail Jam and Chiddy Bang's video for 'Opposite of Adults' has over 14 million views on YouTu…

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