MTV 'Fear Factor' Reboot Gets a Ludacris First Trailer
It was just over a month ago we learned that MTV wanted to put the Fear Factor in today’s youth with a Ludacris twist, making millennials dunk their cell phones rather than play gross-out games. Now, the first trailer for the youth-oriented revival looks a lot like the old series, because who…
'Fear Factor' Revived at MTV With Ludacris as Host
Let’s face it; Generation Z just doesn’t scare at a bed of worms, or a platter full of yak testicles. Thankfully, MTV wants to put the Fear Factor back into today’s youth, dunking cell phones in water and the like with a revival of the gross-out game show, as hosted by Furious f…
10 Hip-Hop Moments That Fooled You
There are always going to be false stories and jokes, so it's important to separate the real from the fake when it comes to the rap rumor mill. From Eminem to Lil Wayne to Chingy and more, here are 10 Hip-Hop Moments That Fooled You.
10 Hilarious Karaoke Videos
Karaoke is a great bar game in which people embarrass themselves by crooning popular songs -- badly. The best karaoke performances are not usually defined by your vocal skills but how much you can bring your personality into song at that moment...

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