born this way

Lady Gaga Releases Yet Another Born This Way Remix (Listen)
Lady Gaga is at the remixing again and this time it's Bollywood.  I'm not sure how many different ways you can hear the same songs and still consider them new?  Is she introducing new kinds of music to a broad audience or is she just trying to put out the same music to increase s…
Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Country Style
Does Lady Gaga put this out hoping to appeal the message to more people?  Some may not be a fan of Gaga's original version but may get down on this one.  Or maybe she just likes to mix things up, what do you think?
Lady Gaga Says No To Target Exclusivity
Lady Gaga may seem pretty outrageous and self absorbed as she walks, or rides, down runways in crazy outfits but she sticks to her guns. The pop star recently cut ties with the uber-corporation Target after the company made a monetary donation supporting an anti-gay politician. I say good for her.
Lady Gaga And 10 Year Old Maria Aragon Perform Born This Way
Lady Gaga invited 10 year old Maria Aragon to perform 'Born This Way' in Toronto yesterday. Wasn't that everyone's childhood dream to sing their favorite artists song to thousands of fans. I myself fantasized that Paula Abdul got sick at a concert and needed a replacement and my perfect rendition of…
Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Video Premiere
Gaga's much anticipated '"Born This Way" video is out today. Watch the 7+ minute video, yes over seven minutes, and let us know what you think in the comments. I'm guessing this version won't make it in it's entirety on your TV's.