New House Bill Bans Eating Dogs, Cats in Montana
More often than not Democrats and Republicans have difficulty agreeing on much of anything in Washington, D.C. However, in a rare sign of unity in the U.S. House of Representatives, the two parties came together to pass a bill that bans the slaughter, transportation, sale and possession of dogs and …
iPod’s Could Be Banned In New Ordinance
iPod's could be banned from being used by drivers that is. The Butte Silver Bow Judiciary Committee is moving forward on a proposed ban of any hand held electronic devices while driving. How many of you agree that hand held electronics use should be banned from a driver?
Smoking Ban On MSU Campus
Students that showed up to vote, turned in a ballot 61% in favor of banning all smoking on the MSU Campus. President Cruzado wants to do a full representation of the campus and will now poll the faculty. What do you think will happen if smoking is banned entirely from the MSU Campus...