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Watch Anne Hathaway Channel Lil Wayne in ‘Conan’ Rap [VIDEO]
Anne Hathaway might never get to host the Oscars again, but she could very well have a future in gangster rap.
In an appearance on Tuesday night’s ‘Conan,’ the elegant actress spoke about the negative press she’s been getting surrounding her role as Catwoman in the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie. When Conan…
Dark Knight Rises Poster Art – First Look
The first glimpse of the 'Dark Knight Rises' movie poster was revealed yesterday by Warner Bros.
The sequel to the 'The Dark Knight' has everyone excited to see Batman taking on the dirt of Gotham yet again. If the poster is any representation of how awesome the movie will be, I&a…
Anne Gets The Call For Cat Woman
Christopher Nolan announced in a press release that Anne Hathaway will be playing the part of Cat Woman, Selina Kyle, in the next Batman movie The Dark Night Rises. Also what other villain was announced to be in the movie?