Get those Sweet Pea Festival wristbands in advance! A wristband is your ticket into the festival and they will be far more expensive if you wait until festival time. We've got all the details and locations about those entry wristbands here.

BUY YOUR 2022 SWEET PEA FESTIVAL WRISTBANDS IN ADVANCE, ONLINE HERE (This is the easiest way to ensure you get the best price!)

You've heard us say this a million times, but it's true: The very BEST deal on Sweet Pea wristbands is to buy them in advance, and to buy the three-day wristband. Then you're all set to enjoy all the great music, vendors and activities at Sweet Pea Festival 2022.

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  • Prices remain at $25 for a 3 day pass if purchased in advance.
  • Prices go up to $50 if purchased at the Festival.
  • Single day passes are available now or at the box office at the Festival.
  • Day passes are $25, however to get the  BEST DEAL – 3 day pass at $25 purchased in advance!
  • Wristbands will NOT BE SOLD AT THE GATES – only at the Box Office in front of the Bozeman Public Library (one block west of the festival)
  • Kids 12 and under are free – no wristband is required
Sweet Pea Festival
Sweet Pea Festival

Never been to Bozeman's famous Sweet Pea Festival? We've got all the basics that you'll need to know. The who, what, where, etc....along with the related Sweet Pea events that lead up to the festival.

  • WHAT: Sweet Pea Festival 2022
  • WHERE: Lindley Park (East Main Street, downtown Bozeman)
  • WHEN: The actual festival is held August 5th, 6th and 7th, 2022 (there are several related events that lead up to the festival. See below for more details.)

WHERE TO BUY YOUR WRISTBANDS IN PERSON, IN ADVANCE: (Note that several of the Sweet Pea wristband outlets have more than one location and some locations even sell some Sweet Pea merchandise!)

  • Albertson’s 200 S 23rd Avenue – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • Albertson’s 6999 Jackrabbit LN – Belgrade (Wristbands)
  • Bob Wards 3011 Max Ln. – Bozeman (Wristbands, posters, postcards & t-shirts)
  • Bozeman Co-Op Downtown 44 E. Main- Bozeman (Wristbands – cash only)
  • ERA Landmark 8 East Main Street – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • Lewis and Clark Motel 824 W Main Street – Bozeman (Wristbands, posters, postcards & tshirts)
  • Rosauers 3255 Technology Blvd W – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • Safeway 1735 West Main Street – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • Town & Country Foods 219 N. 19th Avenue – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • 1611 S 11th Ave – Bozeman
  • 200 Highland Blvd, Bozeman
  • 205 W Madison Ave – Belgrade
  • First Security Bank 208 E Main Street – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • 670 South 19th – Bozeman
  • 642 Cottonwood Road – Bozeman
  • Montana Gift Corral 2825 W. Main Street (Gallatin Valley Mall location)
  • 237 E. Main St. – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • Schnee’s 35 E Main St – Bozeman (Wristbands, posters, postcards, t-shirts)
  • Smith’s 1400 N. 19th – Bozeman (Wristbands)
  • First Interstate Bank 202 W. Main – Bozeman (wristbands)
  • 2800 W. Main St. – Bozeman
  • 2023 Burke St. – Bozeman
  • 205 W. Madison – Belgrade

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