When I think of all the summer spots in Montana to have an adult beverage, this place never came to mind.

Summertime is upon us, Montana! This entails patio beers, rooftop drinks, and beautiful views at many of Montana's bars and restaurants. We all know nothing is better than having a drink with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather.

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We enjoy outdoor drinks in Montana during the summer so much because winter ruins the fun. So we pack in as much enjoyment as possible before the weather turns on us.

Where is the best place to have drinks during the summer in Montana? Is it a dive bar or a rooftop patio? We need to know where to go. Well, we have that answer now.

Photo by Drew Beamer via Unsplash
Photo by Drew Beamer via Unsplash

Jet Setter made a list of the Best Places To Drink in Every State In The Summer, and Montana's was a wild choice we didn't expect.

If you want immaculate summer vibes while enjoying an adult beverage, check out The Tiki Bar at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake. The Tiki Bar is only open during the summer at The Lodge of Whitefish Lake, but it makes sense why it landed on this list.

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake via Facebook
The Lodge at Whitefish Lake via Facebook

There is a pool close and has impeccable views of Whitefish Lake and the sprawling mountains and forests.

The reason why this bar wasn't on our radar is due to the fact it's not well known to the general public. Even in the Whitefish area, people would point out Bonsai Brewing or Casey's as places for a great summer drink.

Even The Raven in nearby Woods Bay sits on Flathead Lake and is a perfect spot to grab a margarita and fish tacos during the summer.

The Raven, Woods Bay Montana via Facebook
The Raven, Woods Bay Montana via Facebook

Here in the Gallatin Valley, we have spots like the Bozeman Taproom, The Crystal Bar, Bar IX, and Shine Beer Sanctuary with fantastic summer drinking vibes.

I would love to know how Jet Setter learned about The Tiki Bar in Whitefish and decided that's the best spot for summer drinking in Montana.

For more details, check out Jet Setter.

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