A few weeks back, we heard that Ryan Gosling went in to meet about a possible role in WB's 'Suicide Squad' film, but it wasn't clear which role that might have been, as details about which characters might be featured in the movie are still a mystery. According to the latest report, Jared Leto is now up for that role -- and that role could very well be The Joker, Batman's longtime nemesis.

The Wrap reports that Gosling has officially passed on the role, which is said to be The Joker, Batman's most infamous villain. Leto was previously rumored to be up for the leading role in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange,' but the trade reports that Marvel wanted someone with a bigger name for that particular role. It seems that Leto is eager to step into the world of superheroes, though, which is why he's now being eyed for 'Suicide Squad.'

The role of The Joker might prove to be tough to cast, after Heath Ledger left us with such a strong, lasting impression with his intense and instantly iconic performance. Also rumored to be in the film is The Joker's partner in crime, Harley Quinn. Cara Delevingne was most recently said to be up for a role in the film, with Latino-Review speculating that she might be up for that part.

Tom Hardy, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie are also said to be in talks to join the cast of 'Suicide Squad,' with Jesse Eisenberg reprising his 'Batman vs. Superman' role of Lex Luthor. The film will be directed by David Ayer and hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

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