More and more series are taking year-long gaps for production, and Stranger Things is likely to be among them. Where previously star David Harbour suggested Season 3 of the fan-favorite Netflix drama might not arrive until 2019, the actor now has an even more specific date in mind.

A few weeks back, Harbour told Variety that fans “probably won’t get [Season 3] until sometime in 2019,” seeing as production of the third season wasn’t likely to begin until April of 2018. The erstwhile Jim Hopper doesn’t necessarily have final say on when the Duffer brothers wrap production and deliver finished episodes to Netflix (the actor even acknowledges as much), but a follow-up interview with Variety saw Harbour again projecting an early 2019 premiere:

I’m not the authority on any of this. But if you use logic, our first season came out July 15. Our second season came out October 27. Theoretically, if we keep on the same timeline, what’s our next release date? I guess it would be January or February 2019. But I don’t know. I would love for it to be as soon as possible. We just want to make them good, and good takes time. It all goes into shaping a really beautiful product, and that’s the most important thing.

The Duffers have previously envisioned Stranger Things lasting four or five seasons, but reportedly shot down Netflix’s hope to have Seasons 3 and 4 film back-to-back. Those kids certainly aren’t getting any younger, but the relatively small crew of writers and producers didn’t feel it possible to churn out new episodes that quickly.

Neither Netflix nor creators have confirmed talk of Stranger Things 3 premiering in 2019, but is it too early for the series to start spacing out seasons?

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