“Even though everybody knows it’s the second in a trilogy, it feels like its own thing.”

That’s Daisy Ridley describing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They didn’t unveil a new trailer for the next Star Wars adventure at Disney’s D23 convention this weekend (they didn’t really have much to say about the troubled production of Han Solo either), but they did bring a very cool behind-the-scenes video for Episode VIII, which you can watch above. At the very least, this featurette is it’s own thing. (It’s probably the second in a trilogy of behind-the-scenes Last Jedi videos too.)

There’s so much good stuff in here. There’s Mark Hamill with the late, great Carrie Fisher. There’s director Rian Johnson trying (and very much failing) to make a convincing Chewbacca noise and disgusting John Boyega. (C’mon, Rian. It’s all about the back of the throat.) There’s weird new alien dudes. There’s Ridley teasing some of the stuff that’s going to happen and make people say “Oh my God!” There’s also this very cool fight training sequence:

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 3.11.09 PM

Who do you suppose those two stuntmen are standing in for there? What do those sticks stand in for as well? Spears? Fancy new lightsabers? Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Intriguing, this possibility is. (That was my Yoda, how did I do? Was it better than Rian Johnson’s Chewbacca? God, I hope so.)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15. We have a strange feeling you knew that already though.

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