For some, Big Sky Resort and summer don't go together at all. If you haven't been to, enjoyed, or known about everything there is to do at Big Sky Resort during the summer this is the perfect opportunity to have a great weekend to close out your summer. Booking a room or renting a condo is a great way for you to take a weekend and enjoy all of it. What kinds of activities can you enjoy besides the Spruce Moose Festival performances you ask? I'm glad you did, here are some that I don't want to miss.

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    The Zip Line

    I was wicked jealous of my boss Michelle Wolfe last year. She got to experience zip lining down the mountain and see the views and terrain in a way that I haven't before. It's not just one zip line either. I am not missing out on this one this year.
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    Folf aka Disc Golf

    I've been a folfer for quite some time. I don't do it avidly but I do occasionally. And I can't think a better place to get out and do it than on a great weekend with friends. The sights, the sounds of nature, all of it sounds amazing.
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    Downhill Mountain Biking

    Ok so I may not be the extreme sports person that I think I am. I like snowboarding, but coming down the mountain on a bike sounds pretty wild. Taking a ride up the mountain on the chair lift and riding down sounds pretty freaking awesome. And if you don't have a bike to do it, rent one. If you are into some serious fun, Big Sky has it for you.
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    Scenic Lift Rides

    If you're not so extreme, like me. This is perfect. Take a ride up and down the hill and see all of the amazing sights with out even standing up. Big Sky, thank you for being awesome.