credit: Viktor_Solomin

When you're living the single life, it seems like everyone else is in love. There's the hand-holding, the kissing, the "I can't go tonight because I have a date with _____." It's not easy to be single - especially at Valentine's Day. Cheer up, Charlie - the fact that V-Day is coming is good news!

For a good six months out of the year, we celebrate "couples holidays". Halloween has his and hers costume ideas (which you see a bunch of when your single-self is out on Halloween night), Thanksgiving is a couple overload because of family. If you're not talking to a friend about her plans to hang with her boyfriend's family, you're getting the questions from your family asking why you're still single. Thanksgiving seamlessly works its way into Christmas. Need I say more. The start of the year looks promising but there's that little kiss at midnight to ring in the new year. So, um, yeah. About that couples thing. Valentine's Day is like a bookend to these holidays. Sure, you'll see a massive amount of candy and flowers and even read sappy Facebook posts talking about how in love everyone is and how much they appreciate one another.

For as irritating as that may seem, singles want that. Am I right?

The good news is that you have one more month to go. Following Valentine's Day, the singles are in control.

Embrace the couple holidays. This is your time of rest. A time to prep, if you will. You're up next.