There’s a lot up in the air about what’s next for the X-Men after last summer’s gloomy Apocalypse, including who’ll be onboard to direct the mutants’ latest adventure. A new report indicates that Simon Kinberg himself, after writing, producing, or otherwise having a hand in pretty much every X-Men project to date, might be up for the job.

Sources have confirmed to Collider that Kinberg is currently in talks to take on the next mysterious X-Men film, whose plot is currently unknown (but we have some idea — more on that in a bit). Collider quite accurately described Kinberg as “essentially the Kevin Feige of the X-Men universe at 20th Century Fox,” as he’s been involved with everything X-Men from The Last Stand to FX’s Legion. He’s never directed a movie before, much less an X-Men movie, but if anyone were to take on the project, he certainly has the resources to do it, and a deep familiarity with the universe that a new director wouldn’t have.

Sophie Turner recently revealed that she’s shooting the new X-Men movie this year, which is allegedly titled Supernova and might have something to do with the Dark Phoenix storyline. It was previously attempted in The Last Stand, but Days of Future Past effectively retconned all that stuff, so the slate is clean and fresh and ready for another stab at it. Any why introduce Turner’s young Jean Grey if they weren’t planning on getting to that part of her story eventually? If this is true, it’s a shame we won’t get to see her in way more, better X-Men movies than Apocalypse, but at least she’ll go out with a bang.

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