If President Donald Trump thought he could quietly scale back protections afforded to transgender students yesterday (February 22), Americans far and wide (stars like Sia and Lauren Jauregui among them) have proven they will very loudly protest the move's discrimination.

According to ReutersTrump's administration revoked guidance that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that most closely aligned with their gender identities. President Obama had instructed public schools in May 2016 to allow students to use the bathroom they felt most safe using, and threatened public funding penalties for schools that did not comply. The LGBT community saw the move as a victory for humanity: As many activists have since pointed out, if a trans man or woman cannot use the bathroom that reflects his or her identity, he or she cannot realistically exist in any public space.

"We all know that Donald Trump is a bully, but his attack on transgender children today is a new low," said LGBT activist and chief executive of Lambda Legal Rachel Tiven.

Many stars agreed. Look at those who spoke out against Trump — and in support of trans kids — below, and if you are struggling with Trump's policy, look to Trans Lifeline for resources and support.

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