On Late Night With Seth Meyers, "A Closer Look" examined President Trump's first full cabinet meeting, in which he -- you'll never believe this -- made some preposterous and obviously incorrect claims. "Never has there been a president, with few exceptions -- the case of FDR, he had a major depression to handle -- who's passed more legislation, who's done more than what we've done," Trump announced to his various cabinet secretaries and staff.

Of course, as Meyers points out, Trump has signed exactly zero pieces of major legislation. No Obamacare repeal, no tax reform, no infrastructure bill, nothing. This is a man who just makes assertions without any regard for truth. To Trump, the truth is whatever he needs it to be at the moment he is speaking. It's a remarkable ability.

But then the meeting got really disturbing as everyone at the table took turns admiring and extolling Trump. "I can't thank you enough for the privilege you've given me and the leadership that you've shown," said Tom Price, the secretary of Health and Human Services. Then Ben Carson paid tribute. And Elaine Chao, and Reince Preibus... You may feel like you need a bath after watching all this pathetic fawning.

"Is there anything creepier than watching Trump make his staff go around the room and praise him?" Meyers asks. "Even Kim Jong Un is like, 'Dude, have some self-respect'."

Jimmy Kimmel Live blessed viewers with another edition of "Plizzanet Earth," Snoop Dogg's regular exploration of our big blue planet's assorted wildlife and natural beauty. This time he focuses on reptiles, specifically an iguana trying to escape a gang of snakes. "Snakes are straight a**holes, you can tell by the way they looking at him," narrates Snoop. "They plottin' right now. See how they got their necks up? That means they comin' to get him."

We soon discover that if this particular lizard is a Geico, "he got a fifteen percent chance of makin' it up outta here." Nature!

Let's move on from nature to hot, steamy sex, shall we? Well, pornography anyway. The Late Show dug into a recent analysis by Pornhub about the nation's porn-viewing habits. For example, one rather alarming tidbit Stephen Colbert told viewers was that after the revelation of the infamous Donald Trump "pee tape," searches on Pornhub for "golden showers" increased 289 percent.

We also learned that the most popular gay search term in Arizona is "cholo." For Oklahoma, it's "cowboy." And in North Dakota, it's ... "gay beef"?

And over on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon played Charades with Leslie Jones, Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Demi Moore. We can assure you that watching Leslie Jones try to act out the song "Cat's in the Cradle" is just as compelling as you think it would be. Also, Demi Moore is really, really good at this game.

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