Sesame Street,’ which recently featured a Justin Bieber-like Muppet, continues its pop-culture assault with this awesome little video spoofing ‘Glee.’

The short, called ‘G,’ which teaches kids about the hard and soft sounds the letter can make, features Muppetized versions of several ‘Glee’ characters, including Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes, Sue Sylvester, and Mr. Schuester (who’s redubbed Mr. Gooster).

All the characters are spot-on — in the beginning, Rachel can be heard saying, “I like you, Finn. I’m looking at you longingly,” and Sue is at her snarky best, telling Mr. Gooster, “You know all about gel, Gooster, you use enough of it.”

Then, to the tune of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ the gang breaks into song, with the chorus changed to, “Don’t stop your G-ing / There’s two sounds that you’re hearing.”

If ‘Sesame Street’ keeps up these sharp parodies, it’ll have more adults watching than kids.


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