Sammy Adams is having a good time, all the time in his viral video for ‘All Night Longer.’ The rapper keeps the party going.

There’s no such thing as an all nighter in his world; rather, it’s an all night longer.

He parties so much with his pals in this clip that we felt hungover after watching it. Quick, somebody grab the Pedialyte, ‘cuz Sammy Adams wore us down to a nub with all that mirth, merriment and liquor.

Now, as a word of warning, the vid is NSFW. There’s lots of cursing and “f” bombs, some of which pop on screen as text throughout the clip. There’s actually a lot of graphics and text on screen, including a parrot on Sammy’s shoulder, an eye patch, lots of monster-like characters and more. It’s almost like being inside a video game. But there are some dirty words, so proceed with caution, kids!

Adams also throws back more than a few drinks and makes out with a Daisy Dukes wearin’ honey, who is perched on his lap. He drinks with Olympic-level skill, chugging ‘em faster than the bartender can fill the glasses.

Overall, this vid looks like a college kegger caught on tape.

If you’ve experience this kind of party, then the video will make your liver and your head hurt while you watch it. But it’s emblematic of being young and having fun, enhancing the experience with some libations.