This may come as a shock, but Zac Efron isn’t the only hot guy in ‘The Lucky One’ movie. It does seem like it, though, as pretty much all the showcased trailers and clips focus on his abs and make-out sessions with co-star Taylor Schilling. But there is, in fact, another hunk who’s worth our attention, and that’s Robert Hayes.

This upcoming actor plays Efron’s best friend Victor in the most recent adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks’ book, and he plays a guy named Bo in ‘American Reunion.’ But no one knows either of these facts because Hayes has completely faded into the shadows of Efron and those ‘American Pie’ guys.

Which is totally a shame, ’cause… have you seen those abs of his? You could bounce quarters off them. Scroll down to see what you’ve been missing and follow Hayes on Twitter to see more sexy shots.