Rihanna reportedly made a man who stole her oyster pay for a whole new platter.

According to The Sun, a drunk fellow thought it would be hilarious to head over to the "Work" singer's table as she was dining at a restaurant in London and straight up steal an oyster off her plate and pass it to one of his friends. Um, in what world is this OK? But Rihanna, who had gone all out and ordered a bunch of oyster platters for her and her entourage, wasn't going to let the man get away with what he did so easily.

"After downing it, they carried on drinking only to be given a hefty telling off from one of Rihanna’s entourage, who demanded they pay £250 (which is about $330 USD) for a fresh platter because he had ruined theirs," a source said. "The bloke who ate the oyster had no choice but to get his credit card out."

“With all her millions, you wouldn’t expect Rihanna to notice a missing oyster, but she’s obviously a savvy businesswoman who surrounds herself with the right people to keep an eye on things,” the insider added.

Moral of the story: Do NOT touch Rihanna's food because you will pay for it.

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