Parentage has been one of the most essential pillars of Star Wars ever since Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke Skywalker’s father in The Empire Strikes Back. Which is why when a character’s past is kept a mystery, the question of who their parents are moves to the forefront of everyone’s mind. We know that Rey’s parents will become important very soon, but who exactly are they? And will they be in The Last Jedi?

In a new interview with Yahoo Japan, Daisy Ridley discussed Star Wars families a bit and seemed to offer a clue about the parents of… someone. Rather than run it through Google Translate and back out again, the good folks at /Film had someone who actually reads Japanese translate the passage:

As for the relationship between Luke and Leia, a popular theory has come to be that the two were incestuous siblings. Daisy, who had said clarification on that theory would come in The Last Jedi, had this to say: ‘Whatever the answer, I just hope that the moment everyone finds out is an enjoyable experience for viewers.’ She continued, ‘And, though I have known the answer for several years now, the series that Rian Johnson created has turned out to be spectacular beyond even my imagination. To be honest, I was very moved. I think it will be a moving moment for everyone else as well.’

If Rey turns out to be the product of incest, that would be… a little weird. Also weird if Kylo Ren is the one she’s talking about. As far as we know, he’s probably Leia’s son, if not definitely Han Solo’s. (Speaking of, Adam Driver dropped a perplexing quote about Rey's parentage just yesterday if you want to dive deeper down the rabbit hole.) Then there’s the added wrinkle that children begat from just one parent is Star Wars canon: Anakin Skywalker only had a mother and was, for all intents and purposes, immaculately conceived. Were either Rey or Kylo Ren or both born from the Force? Are they siblings? Half-siblings? Cousins? Can I still ship them? How weird is this gonna get?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

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