I think this will be a huge hit downtown.

Revolvr Menswear has been one of my favorite stores ever since I moved here to Bozeman. They have great clothes and items for men, but one thing that has always bummed some people out is that they don't have the same cool clothing items for women.

Well that is over now because the owners of Revolvr are opening Evrgreen, a store that will cater to women the same way Revolvr caters to men. According to their new manager, they will be in the old F-11 Photography location downtown and are shooting to be opened by the end of the month.


I think this will be a slam dunk for not only downtown Bozeman but for Revolvr. I have been in there so many times and seen women come in and ask when they will open a store just like that for them. I am excited to see what the future will hold for Evrgreen. For more details and information, I highly suggest checking out Evrgreen's Instagram for updates on the store and what clothes they will be carrying.

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