I think we are all done with the rain and snow this spring and ready for warm weather, so we can all get outside and have some fun. 

Summer is hopefully upon us, and that means to start planning your fun over the next few months. People enjoy getting outside, playing cornhole, grilling for friends, and staying cool with pools. There is one activity that everyone looks forward to here in Bozeman, and you should be prepared. 

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The one activity everyone looks forward to during the summer is floating the rivers around the Bozeman area. People float Yellowstone, Madison, or Missouri Rivers, people love to get out and float. 

Floating the rivers is a great experience to enjoy with friends or family and can be a whole day event. Plus, float tubes can range from one person to a massive platform for a party. It's fun to see groups of friends float down the river in all sorts of tubes. 

Photo by Nick Rickert via Unsplash
Photo by Nick Rickert via Unsplash

The question is if you don't own a tube, where can you get one? Well, you are in luck. There are several places in the Bozeman area where you can get tubes, of all shapes and sizes. 

First off, Bob Ward's has a great selection of tubes to buy, especially if you want a raft instead. Then there is Kenyon Noble, even though they are mostly known for lumber and hardware, they have a great summer section of tubes. 

There is a smattering of other stores from Ace Hardware, REI, and even a few tire shops that have tubes for great prices. 

If there is one thing you should do this summer, make sure you take time out and float a river. You won't regret it. 

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