Leave it to Frank Castle to work in stealth when the occasion calls. A series of cryptic tweets from The Punisher Twitter account offered a Morse Code clue for fans, and the results may reveal all thirteen episodes from the coming spinoff.

In addition to Monday’s teaser, The Punisher tweeted out a series or Morse Code posts overnight; thirteen in total. We won’t bother showing you every single tweet, but the internet has since decoded each one as likely episode titles for the thirteen-episode season:

“3 AM”
“Two Dead Men”
“The Judas Goat”
“Cold Steel”
“Front Toward Enemy”
“Virtue of the Vicious”
“Danger Close”
“Memento Mori”

Netflix’s well-known strategy of releasing entire seasons at once doesn’t often leave room for individual title analysis, though Daredevil Season 2 viewers will likely recognize the “Kandahar” incident mentioned in Frank’s trial, as well as a number of other military terms. As the prior teasers have also suggested, the new series will draw heavily on Frank’s past service, though neither Marvel nor Netflix have yet confirmed a premiere for the fall 2017 release.

We’ll hopefully hear more before long, but will The Punisher live up to Jon Bernthal’s first portrayal, and the character’s separation from The Defenders? Watch the teaser below and stay tuned.

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